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Exclusive Interviews & Trainings Featuring...
  • Kit Pharo (Livestock Genetics)
  • Greg Judy (Grazing Guru)
  • Jim Elizondo (Smartest Livestock Mangers I Know)
  • ​Russ Wilson (Profitable Grazing)
  • ​Ian Mitchell-Innes (All Things Grazing)
  • ​Paul Grieve (Primal Pastures)
  • ​Walter Jefferies (Pastured Pigs & Processing)
  • Gabe Brown (Soil Health)
  • Dick Richardson (Holistic Management)
  • Colin Seis (Drought)
  • ​Glenn Elzinga (Selling Meat & Grazing)
  • ​Darren Doherty (Keyline Plowing)
  • ​Mark Shepard (Permaculture)
  • ​Jordan Green (Polyface Farms Graduate)
...And Many More!
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Bonus #1 - The Grazing Book

You’re going to discover how to dramatically increase the amount of forage you can grow for your livestock, WITHOUT spending any money on fertilizer, or more land. This includes:

•  Learn to grow 2 times more forage for your livestock, on the land you already have.

•  How to increase your grazing operations profitability

•  How to spend less than 1 hour per day (or less) managing your livestock.

 It's normally valued at $57... yours FREE today!

Bonus #2 - Grazing Mini-Course

4 Video Teaching Modules - Grazing Mini-Course.

You’re going to discover how to cut your hay bill in half, increase the health and fertility of your livestock and dramatically increase your profit margins.

• Video 1: Covers grazing forages, my "1/3 Rule" and how you can start growing more grass for your livestock today.

•  Video 2: Why you need to cover your soils if you want consistent grass growth year after year, regardless of location, climate or the type of livestock you have.

•  Video 3: How to improve the health and fertility of your livestock overnight using a few simple, and cheap, “Animal Monitoring” methods. 
(This tip alone can save you thousands in vet bills and the cost of Open females, no matter what type of livestock you’re working with.)

•  Video 4: Stockpiling Forage - how a small stockpile of forage can serve as your free insurance policy and provide year-round, high quality feed. (you can't miss this video).

The Grazing Mini-Course is yours FREE today, but only if you act TODAY. Valued at $197.

Bonus #3 - Number Crunching Spreadsheet

How to increase profits and LOWER costs using my “Number Crunching” Spreadsheet, WITHOUT needing to be a “Math Genius”, Accountant or Smooth-Talking Banker.

•  How to plan for profit FIRST, before you do anything.
(This alone can be the difference between a massive profit or a depressing loss at the end of the year.
If you’ve been waiting until the end of the quarter or year to see if you’ve made a profit, you are making a HUGE mistake...)

•  Access 24/7, 365 days a year to the spreadsheet. 
My Spreadsheet is “In The Cloud”, so you can download it, or keep it on the cloud, Forever. You’ll always have access to it.

•  Operational Profitability.
Do you have multiple operations on your farm/ranch? Well, just copy the spreadsheet for each enterprise (Cattle, Sheep, Goats, Timber, Turkeys, Poultry, etc!) and you can determine the profitability of each enterprise BEFORE you spend a single cent.

Valued at $127... yours FREE Today!

Bonus #4 - “How To Market Your Farm / Ranch Online”

This is your secret to using the power of the internet to increase sales and profits. This includes learning how to:

•  Find, attract and sell to your ideal customers

•  Make the internet your most profitable channel for generating new sales and customers

•  It doesn’t matter if you sell livestock, beef, eggs, poultry, veggies or even baked goods. 

•  Harnessing the power of the internet CAN work for you.

$297 Value, yours FREE Today! 

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This is the resource that will save you years of trial and error, thousands of dollars in time, and the costly expense of traveling around the globe to learn from the most innovative farmers and ranchers in the world.
What if there was a one-stop shop to learn everything you need to know about regenerative & profitable Grazing Practices?
Featuring Interviews With These Guests & MANY More...

Sam Washington

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Dr Paddy Reynolds

“Chris Stelzer has assembled the best library of interviews with the world's best Farmers and Ranchers.

No serious producer should go without subscribing, and listening with full attention to all of the material in the Grazing Training Center. I tell all of my friends to join his program. Those who have are happier and more successful!" 

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  • ​4 Monthly Interviews With Today's Most Innovative Grazing Managers, Farmers & Ranchers ($1,200 Value)
  • Monthly Video Trainings with The World's Top Grazing Experts ($397 Value)
  • BONUS #1: 'The Grazing Book' ($57 Value)
  • BONUS #2: 4 Video Teaching Module, Grazing Mini-Course ($197 Value)
  • BONUS #3: Numbers Crunching Spreadsheet ($127 Value)
  • BONUS #4: [Exclusive VIDEO] "How To Market Your Farm / Ranching Online Using The Power Of The Internet" ($297 Value)
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